The Tale of Sholt



Once upon a time, in a house by the river, there was a boy who was so lazy and so spoiled he didn’t even have to lift a finger to get what he wanted, provided that his parents can give it to him. Sholt, his name was, and wherever he went, his personal assistant was always just behind him.

One day, when Sholt went to town, he picked a fight with a smaller, younger, poor boy, for Sholt was as ill-mannered and mean as he was spoiled. The little boy ran away, or rather, limped away, very much frightened of Sholt.

What Sholt didn’t know was that the boy’s mother was a sorceress. Well, as the townsfolk called her, a witch. That night she imbued Sholt with a curse.

Years passed. Sholt’s parents died in an accident. Sholt followed them soon after, because their assistants had left him, and he was too lazy to do anything.

But Sholt didn’t go to the afterlife – the curse was only starting to take effect. Sholt became some kind of a spirit, some kind of a disturbance, who harassed any person he met. Up to this day, he spreads a curse, to which only a few people are immune. The ones affected are turned into something like him when he was still living. They become lazy; they procrastinate; they do not finish what they started. Yes, they try to fight the curse, but they often lose.

However, there is a way to ba