Silent Screams


My day started fine, and then went on to have an unhappy turn. That turn made me realize just how much I loathed the system.

We had a class activity; everyone was supposed to contribute. Give suggestions and debate ideas. It was, almost, okay. Almost.
My friend and I were listening to the ones standing in front — those who, without question, had somehow been the leaders of this activity, this play. At one point my friend suggested something, and when she was done talking, the people in front nodded, but after a moment they started saying something, disagreeing with my friend, and then they huddled in front again, discussing something.

My friend and I knew that they had not understood, based on their replies. So she explained it to them, but still they disagreed. They just couldn’t they get it. Why couldn’t they get it?

My friend never stood a chance — these people were the known ones, the kind of popular ones, the powerful ones, with great, booming voices, while ours were mere whispers. Yes, the people in front heard my friend, but they didn’t listen. And here, if you’re known, they will listen; if you’re not, then, well, good luck.

They asked for some more suggestions. None came. Some of us, who also were Whisperers, had not talked for so long, been quiet for so long, that their meek voices had disappeared altogether. They were now mute, and they were well on their way to becoming blind. Well, actually, a handful were already blind, just nodding and agreeing to whatever the powerful people said. Just agreeing, without even bothering to think of or about other ideas. They were now just puppets. robots.

And yet, even with their irritating attitude, perhaps the powerful ones are to be pitied as well — for they had become deaf. They do not really hear what others say. But they could still communicate with each other — after all, it is easy to talk to each other when you know how to, when you know what sign you would understand. It really does take one to know one.

Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence

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